Week of December 5-9

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in at Gulf Shore, as we enter the first week full of December and the last 12 school days of 2022.

On Wednesday, December 7th, band students will present their annual Christmas show beginning at 7pm. What a treat it always is to hear from our band students to help get everyone into the holiday spirit.

There are still a few students who have not returned their signed report card envelope and portfolios. Please get these in as soon as possible, as we like to reuse them for our second term reports.

Now let’s have a look at the learning that will be taking place during our classes this coming week…

French-We are working through quite nicely our new classroom resource #LaClasse our first unit called “Bon voyage.” Our focus this week will be on continuing to learn more about the passé compose verb tense and those verbs that use the verb “être” when forming these verbs. We will finish up the first part of our travel journals, where students will reflect upon a past trip or excursion and create a list of events and activities they completed during their trip.

Our reading of “Mamie Gangster” also continues this week. Students will work in small groups this week to film their discussions using Flipgrid about their ideas, opinions and connections to this text.

Finally, as we begin the holiday season, many of our oral language warm-ups later on this week will have the holiday feel.

Science-During our classes together this week, we will finish up our chapter on the cell and how substances move between the cell and its environment and begin reviewing these concepts in preparation for an assessment on them next week.

Grade 9 Science-We will finish up our look at the families and groups of the periodic table and then shift to looking at how atoms combine to form molecules, as we explore atoms and their electrons in detail; focusing on how atoms become ions and look to gain or lose electrons to become stable.

Grade 7 Science-Once students write their unit test tomorrow, we will have officially completed our unit on chemistry. This week students will begin their new unit on biology entitled “L’univers vivant”-“The living world”. To ease in to this unit before the holidays we will review some of the ecology concepts they studied in Grade 6 and each student will choose an animal which they will research in various ways throughout the unit.

Grade 9 English Science-This week we will continue to explore the atomic theory, subatomic particles and elements and their symbols.
Have a marvelous Monday and a wonderful week!

Mme MacNevin

Week of November 28-December 2

It was wonderful to see so many of you during conferences last week. I hope that you were also able to share in your child’s learning at home, as they presented their portfolios and outlined goals for their learning over the next few months. I feel blessed to be supported by such a great team of parents! Thank you for all you do to help the learning move forward and please continue reaching out.

We will officially turn our calendars to the last month of 2022 this week. December is always a very busy month filled with lots of excitement as we celebrate the holiday season. Stay tuned to our school webpage and social media for information on the many important events and activities planned in the weeks leading up to the break.

If you have not yet returned the signed report card envelope, please do so as soon as possible, so that we may recycle them for next term.

Now here is a snapshot into our learning from the week………

French-This week we will dive deeper into our new resource #LaClasse. During the first unit “Bon voyage” students will work towards creating a travel journal of a past trip they’ve taken or one that they would have liked to have taken.

We also will continue reading “Mamie Gangster,” discussing the novel and making connections and predictions in small groups.

Science-In the lab, we will be working this week to conclude our exploration of osmosis and diffusion through a case study involving placing vegetables in different salt water solutions. We will then move our focus to how cells use these processes to engage in both cellular respiration and photosynthesis, as we combine our chemistry knowledge from last term with these new concepts in biology.

Grade 9 Science-Our classes this week will focus on the periodic table and learning why elements are found in a particular spot, as we examine families and groups. Students will be challenged to help some alien friends organize their own periodic table based on these characteristics.

Grade 7 Science-This week we will spend our time together in the lab separating mixtures and discussing the six different techniques we can use to do so. Students will then begin to prepare for this Chapter 2 assessment to test their knowledge of these concepts, which will take place early next week.

Grade 9 English Science-Now that we have a good understanding of the basics of how matter is organized, we will take a deeper look this week into elements and the periodic table. Students will begin to explore how the periodic table tells us important information about the elements including their symbols and which elements are metals, nonmetals and metalloids.

Have a fantastic week!

Mme MacNevin

Week of November 21-25

As hard as it is to believe, we are entering the last full week of November. This week marks our first set of conferences and report cards, as we take time to reflect on all the learning that has been taking place these past few months and discuss goals for the coming term.
Your child will be coming home with their learning portfolio on Wednesday. Students can either present their work to you at home before their scheduled conference time and/or come with you to present this information during their conference.

The book fair will be open in the library Thursday and Friday, or also feel free to check out our virtual book fair to pick up some holiday reading material. There will be no regular classes for students on Friday, November 25th, to allow for these important conferences.

If you have not already done so, please sign up for your child’s conference using the following link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a084aaeaa2cabf85-grade6

Report cards will also be sent home this week. Please review these with your child and returned the signed envelope (you may keep the actual report) as soon as possible, so that I am aware you have seen the report and we can reuse those envelopes next time.

Here is a look at what these next four days will have in store for us….

French-We will of course be spending some time putting the finishing touches on our learning portfolios, which students will share with their parents later on this week.

Reading of “Mamie Gangster” will also continue, as students work to go deeper beyond comprehension of this story, making connections, reflecting on the author’s message and reading between the lines.

This week we will also take a look at a new and exciting resource available to help us to expand our vocabulary and work on both our oral and writing language goals. It is called #LaClasse. Our first theme is called “Bon voyage.” During this unit, students will learn more about the “passé composé” verb tense as they create a traveler’s journal of a past voyage they have taken.

Science-Working through our biology unit, students will spend more time this week looking at genetics and how characteristics are passed through from one generation to another. We will also dive deeper into discussing how substances move between the cell and its environment as we begin to explore osmosis and diffusion.

Grade 9 Science-This week we will finish up our look at subatomic particles and drawing Bohr-Rutherford diagrams and begin preparing for our quiz on these concepts. Once this is completed, we will begin a deeper look at the periodic table, as we explore why it is called the periodic table, examining families and groups and why the elements are placed where they are on this important tool.

Grade 7 Science- This week students will prepare for and write their quiz on the first few sections of our unit on solutions and mixtures. We will then begin to look at how mixtures can be separated.

Grade 9 English Science-This week we will finish up our look at the properties of matter. Students will write a quiz on the classification and properties of matter early next week. Review materials can be found in Google Classroom. We will also spend some time reviewing in class together during the latter part of the week.

Have a wonderful week! I look forward to speaking with you on Thursday and Friday 🙂

Mme MacNevin

Week of November 14-18

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and are returning to school prepared to tackle another full week, as we lead up to learning conferences and report cards next Thursday and Friday.

If you have not already done so, please sign up for your child’s conference using the following link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a084aaeaa2cabf85-grade6

Finally, a reminder of our Home and School Christmas tree and poinsettia fundraiser. Please contact Home and School for more details.

Now let us have a look at what we will be working on this week….

French-This week, time will be spent later on this week beginning to create our learing goals and portfolios, which we are excited to share with you next week. As always, we will keep working on our oral language goals through our warm-ups and interactive instant challenges.

We will make some progress moving through our read aloud novel “Mamie Gangster” as we continue to practice adding detail and examples from the text to our reflections and moving past simply understanding what we read, but rather going further into the author’s messages and themes as we read between the lines.

Finally, if time permits, we will begin exploring our new interactive online resource, a magazine that will help us work towards improving our CECR levels.

Science-As we begin our biology unit, this week students will go deeper into their study of the cell and its organelles. Discussions will take place on genes and chromosomes and how certain traits are passed on from one generation to another. We will also begin to take a closer look at the cell membrane; discussing how substance move between the cell and its environment.

Grade 9 Science-This week we will continue to dive deeper into the atom; further exploring sub-atomic particles; protons, neutrons and electrons and their roles, mass and placement in atoms. Students will begin a short writing assignment where they will compare their own personalities with those of the “positive proton” the “neutral neutron” or the “negative electron”. Time will also be spent beginning to understand how to create Bohr-Rutherford diagrams to represent the number of subatomic particles in particular atoms.

Grade 7 Science- In the second part of our unit on matter, we are now discussing homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures and the differences between them. Our focus later in the week will be on homogeneous solutions in particular; discussing solutions and their parts (solutes and solvents).

Grade 9 English Science-This week we will continue our look at the properties of matter.

Have a fantastic week!

Mme MacNevin

Week of November 7-11

This will be a short, yet still full, week here at Gulf Shore, as we begin to reflect on our learning over the past few months in preparation for our conferences that will take place later on this month (November 24-25). Stayed tuned to your email and our school webpage over the next few days for the links to sign up for these learning conferences.

We will also spend some time this week reflecting on the sacrifices those who have served for our country have made for our freedom. On Thursday, November 10th, Gulf Shore will hold its annual Act of Remembrance Assembly after morning break. Parents are welcome to join us for this importance ceremony which will take place in the Multipurpose Room. There will be no classes on Friday, November 11th, so that staff, students and their families may attend Remembrance Day ceremonies in their own communities.

Students and parents are also reminded that picture day is Wednesday, November 9th.

Now let us take a look at the learning what will be taking place this week…..

French-This week, working in pairs, students will also participate in an interactive “duel” where they will play the role of people who find themselves having a conflict (ex. teacher/student, parent/child, policer officer/speeder, etc) and work together to find a solution. This activity showcases their oral language skills, as they must ask on the fly to come up with their arguments and defend their opinions en français. We will also continue reading “Mamie Gangster” and of course, a lot of time will be spent preparing our learning portfolios and goals as we inch closer to a new term.

Science-This week students will prepare and present their experiments showcasing a chemical or a physical change in matter. Once this is complete, we will begin a new unit on biology; as we shift our focus from atoms to cells; starting with a review of the parts of the cell we studied in Grade 7.

Grade 9 Science-As we continue our study of the atom, this week students will work to create a timeline explaining how our model of the atom has changed over time and we will also begin to look deeper into the subatomic particles found in the atom-protons, electrons and neutrons. As I stated last week, these concepts are not covered in the Grade 9 textbook. Paper copy of notes have been distributed in class and digital resources have been shared in everyone in Google Classroom.

Grade 7 Science- This week we will kick off Chapter 2 on mixtures and solutions. Students will learn the differences between homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures. Discussions will also take place around the solutions; as we learn how to identify solutes and solvents in everyday solutions with a few experiments in the lab.

Grade 9 English Science-This week will be continue exploring the chemical and physical properties of matter. There will be some experiments in the lab, as we attempt to classify matter and identify substances based on their properties.

Have a wonderful week!

Mme MacNevin

Week of October 31-Nov 4

Happy Halloween!!! Today we will have lots of fun activities and I cannot wait until the students arrive to see their costumes and to reveal our annual staff costume theme. I hope that everyone has a safe evening and remembers to share with their teacher tomorrow 😉

Learning conferences are only a few short weeks away (November 24-25). Stay tuned to my blog and the school website for the link to our sign up page which will be released very soon.

This week will be a very short one of students, as teachers and staff attend their annual conventions on Thursday and Friday (November 3 and 4), there will be no classes for students on those days.

Finally, all are reminded that our picture day had to be rescheduled. The new date is now November 9th.

Let us now take a look at what we will be exploring together during the next three days…

French-This week students will finish drafting their want ad pieces. We will then shift our focus to revising and editing our work; looking in particular at how to avoid direct translations from English, homophones and verb tenses, and continuing to enhance our texts with detail and description to engage our readers and attempt to “sell” our products.

We are also about half-way through our read aloud novel “Mamie Gangster.” Our focus after reading this week will be around expressing our opinions about the novel using examples from the story to fully support our ideas and opinions.

Time will also be spent beginning to reflect on the first two months of learning; taking stock of how far we’ve come and setting attainable goals for the next few months. Some short oral language assessments will happen in class to help guide this process both when it comes to speaking and listening.

Science-As we near the end of our unit on chemistry, we will continue to explore changes in matter. Students will continue creating, and eventually present, an experiment of their choosing; explaining what type of change it represents and why and showing how matter was conserved throughout the transformation. We will also prepare for and write our Chapter 2 test which will take place on Wednesday, November 2nd. Students are encouraged to check out Google Classroom for review games and study tips.

Grade 9 Science-Tomorrow we will move our focus onto diving deeper into the atom; as we explore sub-atomic particles and how our understanding of matter and the model of the atom has changed over the years. These outcomes are not included in the student textbook resource and mabiblio that we typically use in class. Notes and other resources will be provided both in class (paper) and on Google Classroom (virtually).

Grade 7 Science- This week we will finish up our formal study of the properties of matter. Students will then begin to review the concepts we’ve been working on over the past few weeks and will prepare to write their unit assessment on these concepts which will take place on Wednesday. Chapter 1 in their workbooks, the activities in our Google Classroom, and those accessible through their online etext-mabiblio, are all great resources to guide them as they study. As always, I am also available for extra support during lunch hour 🙂

Grade 9 English Science-With our Nature of Science unit complete, this week we will begin our study of chemistry. To begin, students will explore what matter is, it is organized, as well as ways to identify substances using their chemical and physical properties.

Happy Halloween! Have a fantastic week!

Mme MacNevin

Week of October 24-28

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! It’s hard to believe that we are already at the end of our second month of school. Time sure has flown by with all of the events that have happened over the past few months.

Unfortunately, our photographer had some technical issues on Thursday and was not able to take all the pictures. Our new picture day will be November 9th.

On Thursday, Oct 27th, our Jr High students will have their first social of the year. It will take place from 7-9pm. Students are encouraged to come in costume for a night of dodgeball, dancing and treats. The cost is $7.

This will be a full and busy week here at Gulf Shore. Let’s look at what we have planned over the next few days in our classes…

French-The drafting of want ads will continue this week and our mini lessons will focus on adding details and description to our texts as to better engage our reader.

Our Halloween-themed oral language activities will also continue, as will our read aloud novel “Mamie Gangster.” This week students will be assessed on both their oral language comprehension through a short assignment related to our read aloud novel and a written comprehension assessment related to the theme of transformations of matter that we have been studying in Science.

Science-Our fun in the lab continues this week as we continue to explore the differences between chemical and physical changes in matter and discuss the indicators that allow us to know when a chemical reaction has taken place. We will also focus on the law of conservation of matter.

Grade 9 Science-Over our next few classes together, students will finish up their properties of matter lab and write their Chapter 6 assessment.

Grade 7 Science- This week we will begin our look at temperature and pH, through a fitting Halloween experiment. Using our “witch’s brew” of cabbage juice, students will create a liquid that will act as an agent to determine whether a substance is acidic or basic. We will also begin to look at other properties of matter including conductivity.

Grade 9 English Science-Our focus this week will be on the characteristics of a good scientist, as students work to create posters on these important traits. Their posters are due on Wednesday. We will also begin preparations for our “Nature of Science” unit test will be take place on Friday, October 28th.

Have a wonderful week!

Mme MacNevin

Week of October 17-21

What a beautiful day we were gifted with on Friday for our annual Terry Fox Day. A huge thank you to our Home and School for the delicious hot dogs and for all their help. We raised almost $4000.00 in Terry’s name! Way to go Sharks!!!

A reminder that picture day will be on Thursday, October 20th.

There are no classes for students on Friday, October 21st, as teachers and staff will attend professional development sessions on that day.

Here is a look into what will be taking place during our classes together these next few days….

French-During our writer’s workshop this week, students will continue to explore the want ad (adjectives and descriptions). We will work on some shared and paired writing, before beginning to create a want ad of our own. Our read aloud novel discussions and our oral language warm-up activities will also continue.

Science-There will be lots of fun in the lab this week, as we continue to explore physical changes, chemical reactions, and the law of conservation of matter through several experiments (Chapter 2). Students will write a mini-quiz on the differences between chemical and physical reactions on Thursday, October 20th (Day 1)

Grade 9 Science- This week we will wrap up our exploration of the physical and chemical properties of matter; calculating density and spending some time in the lab identifying substances based on their properties and preparing for our assessment on Chapter 6.

Grade 7 Science- As we continue to explore the basics of matter, this week we will conclude our section on mass and weight. We will then shift our focus to further exploring how to calculate volume and begin preparing for our assessment on these concepts which will take place on Thursday, October 20th (Day 1)

Grade 9 English Science-This week we will finish up our look at bias and begin the final section of our current unit on pseudoscience.

Have an amazing week!

Mme MacNevin

Week of October 11-14

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone had a great long weekend and filled up on lots of goodies, as we took the time to be grateful for all of life’s blessings.

Friday, October 14th will be our annual Terry Fox Day. Just a reminder that pledge sheets are due back today. While our route will change a little this year due to Hurricane Fiona’s impacts on our National Park, we will still get out, enjoy the fresh aid and celebrate the legacy of Terry Fox and some yummy hot dogs courtesy of our wonderful Home and School.

Picture day is fast approaching. It will be on Thursday, October 20th.

Now here is a quick snapshot of our learning during this four-day week….

French- This week we will continue focusing on giving good descriptions in French. We will spend some time checking out our new resource #LaClasse where we will get to practice describing people, places and animals. Explorations of “la petite annonce” will also continue as we begin to write some as a class and in small groups. All this will lead up to our first small writing assignment of the year. Students will create their own “want ad” “selling” a sibling or friend. Their goal will be to “sell” their person, highlighting all their special qualities and using the descriptive words we’ve been working on in our language warm ups as well as properly following the structure of this type of text. I can’t wait to see their creativity at work!

I will also start a read aloud novel this week entitled “Mamie Gangster.” This humorous story about a sweet old grandmother with a secret life will provide opportunities for discussions, as practice our reading strategies.

Science-Friday began our chapter on physical and chemical transformations of matter. To start, we will review the many physical changes that we studied last year. Most of this week and next will then be spent in the lab; experimenting as we create chemical reactions and describe how we know that what we are witnessing is a chemical change. We will also explore the law of conservation of mass; learning how the mass of the products of a chemical reaction must equal the mass of the reactants in that reaction.

Grade 9 Science-During our classes together over the next few days, students will continue their exploration of the physical properties of matter. We will finish our look at solubility and begin to discuss density in detail. If time permits, we will move into discussions around chemical properties as well. We are nearing the end of our first chapter in Science, so students are also encouraged to start reviewing the concepts studied to date in preparation for their first test of the year.

Grade 7 Science-Now that everyone has a solid understanding of the three states of matter and the differences between them, we will move into exploring mass, weight, and volume this week. Beginning with mass, students will define, calculate, and explain the differences between these important measurements we often rely on in the lab.

Grade 9 English Science-As we near the end of our first unit on the nature of science, this week we will wrap up our look at the scientific method and the steps that scientists take to make their discoveries. If time permits, we will also begin to look at bias, what it is, how to identify it, and how to reduce it.

Wishing you all a marvelous week!

Mme MacNevin

Week of October 3-7

First, I hope that everyone is doing okay after last week’s events. I know how challenging things have been for so many of our Gulf Shore families. Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do to support you.

Our Orange Shirt Day will now be held on Friday, October 7th. If you haven’t already been made aware, the Dept of Education has canceled the professional development sessions that were originally scheduled for Friday, and instead it will be an instructional day. We will thus, move our Terry Fox Run to next Friday, October 14th. More information on these events can be found on the Gulf Shore School Facebook page.

Now here is a snapshot into what will be happening during our time together as we jump back into some of our normal routines this week….

French- We will continue to participate in activities and games that will get everyone speaking French as much as possible. Our work will also continue discussing some common errors that second language speakers often make because of directly translating from their first language. Finally, as we take the time to recognize Truth and Reconciliation Week, many of our readings and discussions this week will focus on learning more about residential schools and their impact on our indigenous communities.

Science-It is hard to believe, but we have already finished up our learning of the first few outcomes of the year. Thus, our next few classes will be spent preparing for our assessment on Chapter 1 (atoms, molecules, elements and the periodic table) which will take place on Wednesday (Day 3). Students should be sure to check Google Classroom for the specific date, along with some games and resources to help them to study. We will also finish up and share our element projects that we began before the storm.

Grade 9 FI Science-This week we will wrap up discussions on how matter is organized and dive deeper into solutions and their components; identifying solutions that surround us, especially those found in the human body, and taking note of their solvents and solutes. We will also begin discussions around the properties of matter and how they can used to identify substances. This work begins with a review of the properties studies in Grades 7 and 8, before we move into looking at some new properties not previously explored including density and solubility and how to calculate them.

Grade 7 Science- This week we will wrap up our look at changes in states of matter. In the lab we will have the chance to watch these changes in action, as we experiment with changing water between its three states. Later on this week (Wednesday, October 5, Day 3) students will write a quick check-in quiz on section 1.1, before we move into looking at mass and volume.

Grade 9 English Science- Over the next few days we will continue to look deeper at the steps of the scientific method. Students will work in pairs to find an experiment of their own and explain what is happening at each step in regards to the scientific method. Today they will also write a check-in quiz on the words of science we have been studying these past few weeks.

Have an amazing week! We’ve got this 🙂

Mme MacNevin